We are gamers not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many.

Okay this took forever but I really wanted to thank you all for my 2’200 followers goal :) I really hope you like this! 

willthefred said:
You have unleashed the Pandora's Box of tumblr questions :P Red, green, blue, and violet :D

Oh god. Here we go…

red: seven insecurities

1. My body
2. My future
3. My relationship status
4. Did I mention my future?
5. Whether or not my friends actually like me
6. um
7. I can’t really think of anything else

green: four life goals

1. Get into university
2. Find a good job
3. Get married
4. Be happy

blue: three fears

1. Spiders
2. Dying alone
3. Losing my friends and family

violet: one thing you love

1. The internet ♥ lmao


carni99 asked: Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us